I wrote before that I think it’s a good idea for the WB to push through and make a second Green Lantern film. The first movie was flawed mainly because it blinked when it came to it being a space drama, they still wanted it be mainly set on Earth. Things were rushed and he barely used his powers. Yet the movie I guessed cost loads to make. Now the studio is making a second film but plans to make it “darker ad edgier” which is exactly the wrong way to take these things. Movie studios have been blinded by Chris Nolan’s Batman films. The success of The Dark Knight has made them believe every film needs to be dark and realistic in tone to be good. I was hoping a film like Thor or Captain America would change this opinion, but I guess not.

The new Amazing Spider-man(which looks horrible) is brining a dark and edgy tone to it. The teaser trailer was just awful for that movie and I find it odd WB now wants to do this with the Green Lantern. I believe they should simply ask fans what they liked… More Lantern in action and more space stuff. They also need to pick if they are actually going to try and build Hal Jordan as a character since in the first film they essentially half assed the character. Again I’m glad they are pushing through and making a series of these films. Just be smarter, get a good script, understand that action is key to a movie like this and allow your actors to shine. If you want to compare things to Batman… Batman Begins didn’t exactly light up the box office. The Dark Knight then dominated and the third film will do the same.