Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the biggest movie of the year hands down as it has made $260 million domestically. Still the film dropped epically from last weekend. So take that as you will. Transformers won the weekend $47 million in take which includes IMAX and 3D showings. What is more impressive is the film that followed it. The R-Rated comedy Horrible Bosses made an impressive $28 million and continues to amazing run of R-Rated comedies this summer including the epic sequel Hangover 2. Kevin James’s newest flick/TGI Friday’s commercial “The Zoo Keeper” landed in second with $21 million which in my opinion is just too much. That film looked like a mess and tried to make up for it in product placement and what looked like as badly done jokes.

Cars 2 which has made almost $150 million landed in fourth but is for sure a let down for Pixar. This film didn’t really meet the standards most place on Pixar products. Bad Teacher followed that and has made almost $80 million which is really good for a film like that. Larry Crowne is an interesting movie to examine. It’s in the sixth this week and is looking to make $30 million, still with Hanks and Roberts in the film many are confused why the film didn’t do better. Well first off the trailer was basic and the commercials didn’t even hint at what the plot was. Frankly I’m not fully sure what the movie is about. Placing a little basic film like that and have it go against big blockbusters and comedies is just odd. I hope they were expecting this type of take at the box office. Otherwise they should have opened this film in September or October and it probably would have done a lot better. Green Lantern has broken the $100 million dollar mark but is being looked at as a major failure which is a shame because it was a load better than some other films that have brought in truck loads of cash. Oh well. Here is the list…

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon $47 million

2. Horrible Bosses $28.1 million

3. The Zoo Keeper $21.1 million

4. Cars 2 $15.3 million

5. Bad Teacher $9 million

6. Larry Crowne $6.3 million

7. Super 8 $4.8 million

8. Monte Carlo $3.8 million

9. Green Lantern $3.1 million

10. Mr. Popper’s Penguins $2.9 million