Look I get it, Green Lantern wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight. Still the franchise itself wasn’t going to be like Spider-man or Batman. WB should have known this film wasn’t going to play to everyone, so their epic marketing campaign was falling onto to deaf ears basically. The things that happen in this film and storyline are a little out there with dealing with aliens and a hero who travels in space. So Green Lantern didn’t exactly explode in the box office, it still had made decent money though, I think studio’s are a little too obsessed with opening weekends and if a movie doesn’t make $300 million it’s not a “franchise hit”. This is nonsense, if anything a Green Lantern 2 would pull more people in. I think studios don’t realize that many people wait for DVD these days. Once the film hits that market so many more people will watch the film. Then if you make Green Lantern 2, it will become an event, people who saw the first will go, fans will go. The story line needs to keep going, Green Lantern is one of the best comic book franchises and it deserves a long movie run. Please do not wait to reboot it, keep the franchise going you can push it through to make money. Please remember that Batman Begins did not open the way many wanted it to. Some called it a failure, then they made The Dark Knight which set a new standard for comic movies. So Warner Brothers make Green Lanter 2!