Pixar just knows how to dominate. Every one of their movies does well. It’s because the product is so good. Now Cars 2 could easily be labeled as a cash grab by them but still it’s clear that they know how to make movies they rake in cash. Cars 2 opened this weekend with $68 million dollars which is very impressive. To balance out the kid film vibe Bad Teacher brought in a solid $31 million which shows people were down to laugh this weekend.

Green Lantern took a major dip which I guess was expected where it made around $19 million in its second weekend. The film will most likely pass the $100 million mark but it won’t be a rocket ship hit like the WB was hoping for. Super 8 on the other hand is sticking around and also reaching the $100 million mark but in contrast to Green Lantern it cost way less.  Mr. Popper’s Penguins continues to drop which also isn’t a big surprise as the film is being panned across the board.

The rest of the top ten is basically the same. Pirates 4 and Bridesmaids keep adding to their totals. Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris keeps making money and is becoming one of his bigger hits, good for him. X-Men: First Class is sitting around $132 million and keeps rising. Hangover 2 is so close to $250 million which proves I guess people like having a second helping to the same type of comedy. Next week the third Transformers film hits screens where everyone will basically be hoping it’s not as bad as the second film.

1. Cars 2 $68 million

2. Bad Teacher $31 million

3. Green Lantern $18.5 million

4. Super 8 $12.2 million

5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins $10.3 million

6. X-Men: First Class $6.6 million

7. The Hangover 2 $5.9 million

8. Bridesmaids $5.4 million

9. Pirates 4 $4.7 million

10. Midnight in Paris $4.5 million