Jamie Foxx will play Django in QT’s “Django Unchained”. If you don’t know the films plot seems to be a former slave named Django, who teams up with German gunslinger to hunt down the Southern slave owner that still has Django’s family. Foxx will Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz. I love the cast and this is one of my most anticipated films on my list. QT is my opinion is one of the better directors out there. You may love or hate his films but you have to agree they are unique. Inglorious Basterds really worked for me for what it was. I can see this film being a lot like this but probably better. Inglorious Basterds wasn’t really about the Basterds getting revenge, they were just a small piece of the story. The movie was really about a young girl getting revenge over the Nazi that killed her family. Here there will not be too many elements to it. Django will be the key part of the film. Frankly it’s about time a movie like this got made. I’m pumped.