X-Men Origins: Wolverine was horrible. It had the right intensions and actors tried their best but over all the movie got everything wrong. The Weapon-X story was suppose to be dark and brutal. Instead they tried to make it good for “families” so the story made no sense. Wolverine’s creation in the comics made him the top mutant. The film makes him simply a test subject which makes no sense. So when Fox announced they were making a sequel, one based off of Frank Miller’s story of Wolverine in Japan. The story is simple and violent. Fans would not accept a half assed version.

At first Darren Aronofsky was attached, fans rejoiced, he was perfect in many ways to make a gritty, dark, mutant tale. Then he dropped out. He sights his own reasons but many believe Fox did not like his “vision”. So then Fox had to scramble to get a new director. They knew that fans wouldn’t accept just anyone. So they pulled a very smart card. They got James Mangold to direct. His films generally are very solid and gritty. Films like “3:10 to Yuma” and “Walk the Line” have style and grit. Last year his action film “Knight and Day” wasn’t a major hit but the action was very well shot and probably the best of the year really. So I’m happy, all I ask is for them to make Wolverine bad ass again. Origins made him into a wussy who almost didn’t want to fight. That goes exactly against what the character is. Mangold it’s simple, Wolverine vs. Ninjas. Hard to mess it up.