Jurassic Park is a franchise that hasn’t been tapped in a while. The first film is a classic and the second film has some amazing moments but over all is just a bit off. The step daughter using gymnastics moves to beat the crap of a raptor. A T-Rex rampaging through San Diego with very little response to it happening. I’m sorry but if that ever happened people would freak out. The third film was released and was really just met with shrugs from audiences. It feels like the second and third films should have been combined and the plots would have worked. Now the idea of a fourth film has been bouncing around for a while. Rumors are the Beard is working with screen writers for a… REBOOT. No, make a third sequel, not a reboot to Jurassic Park, no one wants to see the dino’s escaping again! Simply give us what we all really want. Military going into the jungle for a rescue mission, getting eaten, stomped, and just plain wrecked by dinosaurs.

Another little rumor going around is that Michael Bay is officially done with Transformers(Yes!) after Dark of the Moon. So who would step up and make the fourth film? We all know a fourth film is coming, this franchise simply makes too much money for there not to be one. Is it possible that Spielberg would come in and direct? I highly doubt it. Maybe possibly if it was a straight reboot where the story line could die down. I mean look at the second movie, nothing made any sense but the epic scale shot through the roof. Spielberg would need a real plot and theme to ever get behind one of those films. Transformers has pushed away plot and theme and went for explosions and hidden racist jokes. So I highly doubt he’ll touch that property.