In 2003 we had the Ben Affleck vehicle Daredevil. For a studio attempt the movie wasn’t horrible. The film has some major flaws(Play ground fight, odd sub plots, etc.) but still had great action scenes along with some cooler smaller moments. I love the part where Matt Murdock wakes up in the water tank, has everything in his house prepared, money folded in certain ways so he knows which bill he is holding. Still the film did alright at the box office, but the sequel never got off the ground.

Now with everything getting the reboot I guess it is time for Daredevil to get it. One of the writers from the show “Fringe” has been assigned to adapt a script from Frank Miller’s classic Daredevil comic called “Born Again”. The story follows Matt Murdock as his slowly goes insane, once the Kingpin learns his identity he uses the knowledge to terrorize Murdock in his normal life. The story is darker but it is hands down one of the best comics ever.

Rebooting comic book franchises has worked so far with X-Men: First Class being well received. Will see how the Spiderman and Fantastic Four reboots will do from here.