Rumor is that Zach Galifianakis has let slip the plot for the upcoming third Hangover film. Now the second film is a juggernaut and has made some serious cash. Still many are a little annoyed about how similar the film is the first. You find clips on Youtube of people lining up scenes that are almost identical. The second film has a weird vibe to it. They mention Vegas a lot but yet it felt like a reboot. It’s like the director wanted to make a hard core version of his first film.

Now mind you this plot could be either a decoy or totally false. But rumor is Zach claims the third film will start with his character Alan locked up in a mental hospital after what happens at the end of the second film. The other guys then try and break him out. That sounds nothing like the previous films. I guess they are dropping the “Night before a wedding” thing and going in a totally different direction. Which is a good thing because a third film doing the same formula as the other two would frankly be horrible.