The summer has exploded with a lot of fun movies. This weekend proved people were down to go to the movies. X-Men: First Class opened in the top spot and racking in around $56 million bucks. That might be a little less than people though an X-Men movie should make. Still the studio is happy with the number since they see this film as a restart and without Hugh Jackman starring in it the film in a way lacks “star” power. Still with the reviews this movie has been getting I wouldn’t be surprised if the film has some serious legs. Hangover 2 dropped to second and had a 62% drop in attendance. Still the film is almost at $200 million dollars and is hands down already one of the big hits of the summer.

Kung Fu Panda 2 hung around and broke the $100 million dollar mark. I think it’s a surprise this film hasn’t exploded out the gate and made seriously big bucks. Bridesmaids also broke the $100 million dollars which is huge since the film was under the radar. Since it had a low cost I assume this will also be another big winner.

It should also be noted that Fast Five broke the $200 million dollar mark. So there will obviously be a Fast Six or whatever it’s going to be called. Pirates 4 continues to eat up cash and is closing in on $200 million mark and has also made a lot of money world wide, around $790 million to be exact. Here is the list…

1. X-Men: First Class $56 million

2. The Hangover 2 $32.4 million

3. Kung Fu Panda 2 $24.3 million

4. Pirates of the… $18 million

5. Bridesmaids $12.1 million

6. Thor $4.2 million

7. Fast Five $3.2 million

8. Midnight is Paris $2.9 million

9. Jumping the Broom $0.9 million

10. Something Borrowed $0.8 million