Here we go again! You know what you’re getting here, you’ve seen the trailers or commercials, so don’t be surprised about what you’re going to get. I knew exactly what this film was going to be, so maybe with my expectations down I was able to enjoy this movie a lot better and thought it was down right hilarious. If you haven’t seen the first one you can go into this film completely fine since this film is essentially a remake of the original Hangover. The movie flows though from it’s opening the film doesn’t ever hesitate. All the actors involved just seem so ready for this movie too. The plot here is like the first film with some slight changes. Here Stu(Ed Helms) is getting married to the beautiful and obviously younger Thai American wife. He plans to bring Phil(Bradley Cooper) and Doug(Justin Bartha) along to Thailand for the wedding. Those two talk him into bringing Alan(Zach Galiflanakis) which of course is the biggest mistake he could ever make. This time though the guys have take care of the fiances little brother Teddy who is frankly the most innocent and nice guy you’ve ever seen on screen. Stu of course wants everything toned down so no problems can happen. Problem is after a beach party and one beer they guys wake up in a shady hotel room in Bangkok. Stu has Mike Tyson’s face tattoo. Alan’s head is shaved. They find Teddy’s finger and a monkey wearing a vest, problem is Teddy is gone. The three idiots have to find him before the wedding starts.

What is interesting about this movie is that it almost accepts that it’s a basic remake of the first story, so there are many winks and nods at the audience. The characters do the same things they did in the first film, frankly though that makes sense. They check their pockets for clues and even check the roof of the hotel for Teddy. I actually found this pretty funny and in a way realistic, everyone learns from horrible party mistakes. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will just vaguely go over things. The guys find Mr. Chow and Ken Jeong is amazing as this guy and brings it up a notch from the last film. Bradley Cooper and and Zach don’t bring anything new to the table. Doug is totally left out on this one as his character left the beach party to take care of his wife. It’s Stu who stands out bright in this film. Once the tattoo is found his character spirals out of control, he goes on to say “there is a demon inside of me” which is so true after we figure some of the things he does in a Bangkok strip club. The other stand out star is the monkey who always lands laughs and also smoke cigarettes which is just horrible and I hope that was CGI, because if they made a monkey smoke cigarettes that is seriously horrible.

Now of course this film has problems, mainly those being that after an hour in you just start realizing you’re watching the same film. Also not enough of Bangkok and Thailand are shown in the film I felt. Showing less of Vegas in the first film worked because Vegas is over done in movies but the Hangover made it look gritty. Here they make Thailand seem like Vegas but dirtier and with loads more Asians.

Still over all the movie is fun and very funny at times. Frankly during the summer that’s pretty much the only thing that matters. Many people take these things too seriously and hold movies like these to very high standards. It’s fun and mixed with solid jokes, money antics and even a very well shot car chase. You know what you’re getting with this movie so just don’t be surprised that the movie is a lot like the first one.

Rating: 7.5/10