Well the summer season is going strong. This weekend Pirates 4 landed and as expected it landed in the top spot. Problem is it didn’t make as much as some people predicted. Now this sounds funny I know since the film made $90 million in three days. That’s a lot of money, thing is people were preparing for it to bust the doors off with over $100 million. The previous films opened bigger, At World’s End opened with $115 million for example. The funny thing is that Pirates 4 broke world wide records, the film made almost $260 million around the world. So it’s a hit but not from domestic numbers. It shows that not just America loves blockbusters I guess. I don’t know what this all means for the franchise. Will see if the film has legs but with some big time movies coming in the next couple of weeks it’s possible this film will fade off into the dark.

A big surprise is the film BridesMaids which landed behind Pirates with $21.1 million and shows I guess that the film has some legs. Will see how it does once Hangover 2 opens, doubt two big R rated comedies can survive at the same time. Thor just keeps adding on money to it’s total. Landing in the third spot the big man with the hammer is at $145 million dollars. Following him is Fast Five which is a big time hit and almost at $200 million in total. Everything else is pretty much expected. Summer time is fun though, this is when the big films come out and the box office becomes pretty dramatic.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides $90.1 million

2. Bridesmaids $21.1 million

3. Thor $15.5 million

4. Fast Five $10.6 million

5. RIO $4.7 million

6. Priest $4.6 million

7. Jumping the Broom $3.7 million

8. Something Borrowed $3.4 million

9. Water for Elephants $2.2 million

10. Madea’s Big Happy… $1 million