Boom! The summer season has begun people! Fast Five opened with some staggering numbers this weekend proving this film franchise is far from dead. Fast Five made $84 million dollars this weekend, that’s not only the biggest weekend of the year, it’s the biggest April opening of all time. This film isn’t hiding what it is and reviewers and audiences are embracing it. Fast Five also now has the biggest opening weekend for the franchise. Fast and Furious opened with $70 million bucks and went on to make $155 million, will see if Fast Five can keep pace and surpass that.

RIO also broke the $100 million dollar mark which usually gives the movie a “hit” tag to it. The animated bird film is the fourth film to break the mark this year(Rango, HOP, Just Go With It). Animated films usually are usually locked in to make big bucks, since kids have no standards and families will go to the same movies over and over. Still that didn’t help the film Hoodwinked Too, I have no idea what it is, but it’s animated and made only about $4 million bucks. It’s also to note the film PROM which I thought would rack in cash really bombed, making only $5 million, now the film was cheap to produce but I’m sure they were expecting this film to reel in teen girls, and it just didn’t.

Water For Elephants is also hanging on strong along with films Insidious and Source Code which keeps hanging around. Sadly Scream 4 dropped out of the top ten and I guess could be considered a failure, it’s a shame R rated films should be supported.

1. Fast Five $83.6 million

2. RIO $14.4 million

3. Madead’s Big Happy… $10 million

4. Water For Elephants $9 million

5. PROM $5 million

6. Hoodwinked Too! $4 million

7. Soul Surfer $3.3 million

8. Insidious $2.7 million

9. HOP $2.6 million

10. Source Code $2.5 million