We already know that Supes will be going up against General Zod in the new Zack Snyder directed film. Now we know there will be a second villain trying to smash are Kryptonian friend to pieces. A German actress named Antje Traue has landed the role of Faora. First Traue was in the film Pandorum, which was a pretty crazy and cool science fiction flick. She was very good in it and showed a lot of physical power in the film. So her landing the role of Faora really works in my mind.

The character is one of Zod’s second hand hench men. Faora though has a very dark back ground. On Krypton she ran a concentration camp killing several men, her character essentially hated all men no matter what planet they were from. She was put in the Krypton prison called “The Phantom Zone”. If you remember Superman 2 it was the flying piece of glass that held prisoners in space. Anyway I’m glad to see Supes will be going up against several powerful beings in the film.