I have no idea what is going on when it comes to peoples movie choices. I’m not really surprised though, it’s Easter weekend so many families go to the movies. RIO took the top spot once again, I don’t exactly understand the appeal for this film, the trailers made it look horrible, but I bet kids dig it and the 3D tag on price helps too. Not far behind though was Tyler Perry’s new film called Madea’s Big Happy Family. This is his tenth film in the last seven years, wow, none of them have ever been blockbusters, but all make serious cash while filming with a low budget.

The other new film of the week was Water For Elephants which I should be seeing soon and reviewing here, based off the popular book of the same title, the film made decent money. If you look at the competition I’d say the film did very well with about $18 million going up against big animated films and a Perry picture. Will see if the film has legs, as reviews have been pretty off balance, mostly good but with some very big time critics kind of giving it a “meh” type review.

HOP actually jumped up in the box office, which of course makes sense since it’s Easter weekend and why not see a movie about the Easter Bunny. Scream 4 amazingly stayed in the top five films, I say amazingly because of a big holiday weekend I wouldn’t expect a slasher film to make any money. I was wrong. Next week we see the next Fast and Furious sequel which in my mind starts the Summer movie season… Yay!

1. RIO $26.7 million

2. Madea’s Big Family… $25.8 million

3. Water For Elephants $17.6 million

4. HOP $12.5 million

5. Scream 4 $7.2 million

6. African Cats $6.4 million

7. Soul Surfer $5.6 million

8. Insidious $5.4 million

9. Hanna $5.3 million

10. Source Code $5.1 million