Jeremy Renner needs to thank Ben Affleck on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love Renner, I’ll never forget his role in the Academy Award winning Best Picture The Hurt Locker. The role I will really never forget though is his villain role in the film SWAT. I remember watching that movie and seeing him and saying: “What a bad ass”.

After his role in The Town, his career has exploded. He is lined up to play Hawkeye for Marvel Studios. He is lined up to be Tom Cruises replacement in the Mission Impossible series and now he’s the new Jason Bourne in the film The Bourne Legacy. Now I don’t think he is playing the same Bourne that Matt Damon played. I believe they are planning on basically making the name Jason Bourne be like the 00 system in the Bond films. That it’s only a name that is used as a cover. Will see if audiences buy this or not but Renner is lying up to be the major action star of this generation. I believe this is a good thing, he’s very talented and unlike other actors being pushed on us as action stars(Looking at you Taylor Lautner). So bring it on I’m ready for this new take on Bourne especially with director Tony Gilroy behind the camera.