It looks like 2011 will be the year of the animated films, the top money makers so far have all been animated. This week didn’t change that as Rio dominated the entire weekend. I don’t exactly know why this is happening, it might be the 3D charge connected to it. Kind of a shame that kids movies are dominating the box office, I want Hollywood to take more chances and not continually dial it back. The other big film was Scream 4 which opened with pretty modest numbers in my opinion, I mean the third film opened over a decade ago and this one still made about twenty million bucks. Frankly the rest of the box office isn’t much of a surprise. The only thing to note is the remake of Arthur, even with opening at number one last week has dropped like a rock. On the flip side films like Insidious and Hanna keep hanging around. HOP also dropped pretty hard, but I believe that is because Rio was taking most of its audience.

A small film called The Conspirator opened in 9th even though it only played in 700 theaters. That is pretty impressive. Also the film Your Highness I guess can be considered a bomb since the film has landed in 10th with only 16 million made so far. Pretty sad to see movies that are trying to take chances losing in the box office, while by the numbers animated films are making the big bucks. Oh well, hopefully the trend will die off soon.

1. Rio $40 million

2. Scream 4 $19.4 million

3. HOP $11.2 million

4. Soul Surfer $7.4 million

5. Hanna $7.3 million

6. Arthur $6.9 million

7. Insidious $6.8 million

8. Source Code $6.3 million

9. The Conspirator $3.9 million

10. Your Highness $3.8 million