Rumors are running around about what exactly Marvel plans to do with all their characters. This summer we will see Thor and Captain America. I’m hoping both do pretty well but will see what audiences say. Then Marvel has The Avengers film coming down the line. That story will involve all their super heroes basically and so plots of sequels to the individual films could get mixed in with Avengers gossip. So I don’t exactly know what to think with this rumor that the Hulk would be one of the bad guys in Iron Man 3. I use “bad guy” loosely since I know Hulk in one of the “good guys”.

Frankly I bet this is coming from the Avengers. In the comics Iron Man got smacked up by the Hulk, so I could see this eventually happening in the film. I highly doubt a third Iron Man film would have the Hulk as a focus point. First that would confuse audience members that don’t know the comics, with two Hulk movies in the past people may not exactly get why he would be in a film with another character in the title.

When it comes to Iron Man 3 I think the villain should be Mandarin. He has ten magical rings, frankly I think the first film set up Mandarin pretty well. The terrorist leader who kidnaps him in the beginning would be perfect as Mandarin. His terror cell name was “The Ten Rings” and he was obsessed with power. I believe they should use him mainly because I’m tired of seeing Iron Man face off against other machine based villains. The Mandarin would be a nice switch. So I’m doubting the Hulk will be anywhere near the third film and most likely the battle between these two characters will happen in The Avengers film only.