Well this is kind of a surprise for me, Russell Brand has dominated the box office. The man who has suddenly leapt into super star status. He is married to Katy Perry so I guess that helps. The animated feature HOP continued to dominate the box office which I guess comes to no surprise, families will see movies over and over again just to keep the kids happy. The bigger surprise for me is that the remake Arthur landed in second, I guess people wanted to see a comedy. The remake trend to me is a horrible thing I was hoping to see the more original films would take the top spots. With that said though Hanna did land in the third spot with almost as much as Arthur.

The biggest surprise for me is the film Soul Surfer made almost eleven million dollars. The film looked insanely horrible, yet the film was in less theaters than all the others and landed in the fourth spot. The horror film Insidious is showing strong legs as it dropped the least amount of all the films, excluding the new ones of course. Your Highness did not exactly dominate the box office with less than ten million made, studios will of course blame the R rating, I will blame the bad reviews it received.

Overall 2011 has not really been that profitable for the studios since only a hand full of weekend have beaten the same weekends last year. Now mind you last year we had Avatar which was a once in a lifetime type film. Still I believe the studios are very excited about the summer approaching and having the popcorn tent pole films reeling people into seats.

1. HOP $21.7 million

2. Arthur $12.6 million

3. Hanna $12.3 million

4. Soul Surfer $11.1 million

5. Insidious $9.7 million

6. Your Highness $9.5 million

7. Source Code $9.1 million

8. Limitless $5.7 million

9. Diary of a Wimpy Kind… $4.9 million

10. The Lincoln Lawyer $4.6 million