The first Wolverine film was a serious let down to fans and basic movie goers. Then Darren Aronofsky was signed on to direct and hope across the nerd world exploded. The idea of him making a dark, gritty, Wolverine film set in Japan was something out of a magical world. Then sadly he had to drop out because of schedule. Suddenly hope dropped to its lowest level. Everyone remembers when Bryan Singer left X-men 3 for Superman Returns because he and Fox could not agree to a schedule. Fox then moved too quickly into production and had to hire Brett Ratner to basically make a soft X-men film. The final product was a messy and rather silly end to an X-men trilogy. They tried to fix their mistakes with X-men Origins: Wolverine. Problem is they messed up the comic book story line so bad that the movie came off uneasy.

So the sequel needs an edge, the script follows the comics and has Wolverine going to Japan, to most likely fight ninja’s. So now a new rumor that Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones is on a short list to direct. I love this idea since he is a great director and loves sci-fi. Problem is rumor is he wants to make an original film first before doing anything else. I say let him, he’s talent is necessary for the sequel and they can’t just give it to a nobody this time. So get it done Fox, X-men: First Class looks solid so make this work!