Animated movies are pretty much a good bet to make money(Besides Mars Needs Moms), add cute animals to the mix and then you know the cash would be rolling in. So I’m not surprised to see the animated Easter film HOP making almost forty million bucks. It also set the opening box office record, beating out Rango. The movie was designed to make cash and most likely will keep rounding up money up until Easter. On a happy note both original films, Source Code and Insidious both did pretty well and ended up in the second and third spots. Both films really didn’t cost a lot so hopefully these films will be considered hits so Hollywood isn’t scared to green light original films. In a surprise at least to me, both top films last week dropped like a rocks. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 which was in the top spot dropped to fourth and Sucker Punch obviously didn’t have the legs I was hoping it would be dropped to seventh. I guess the movie was too “out there” for some people. Rango, Paul and Battle Los Angeles ended up making a decent amount of cash to stay in the top ten. The pg-13 rated version of The King’s Speech opened and barely made a bleep on the radar, maybe because the film is coming out on DVD in a couple of weeks.

1. HOP $38.1 million

2. Source Code $15.1 million

3. Insidious $13.5 million

4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid… $10.2 million

5. Limitless $9.4 million

6. The Lincoln Lawyer $7.1 million

7. Sucker Punch $6.1 million

8. Rango $4.6 million

9. Paul $4.3 million

10. Battle: Los Angeles $3.5 million