Casting for the new Superman film has mainly been rumors since Henry Cavill was casted as Supes. Then suddenly Adams has landed the role. I don’t even remember her name being mentioned before this announcement. Frankly I think this move is amazing. She is hands down one of the better actresses out there, The Fighter made that clear. I have no idea what she’ll look like with dark hair but frankly I believe her Lois Lane will stand out, she can play sweet but also have a strong side. Director Zack Snyder said getting her was a key part of making Superman relevant to todays audience. I’m not sure what that means exactly but so far so good when it comes to Superman. Now the key part that fans want to know is who will be the lead villain. I would like to see Lex return with a super powered second villain. Even though it looks like a very big possibility would be General Zod. He’s human looking and super powered so I can see why they might use him. Also could connect a story line between Krypton and Superman’s life in Metropolis. At least now we know will have some very good leads including Lois Lane, I’m really looking forward to this movie.