The Narnia films have had a very interesting run, green lit after the LOTR dominated the box office the series has had some interesting twists and turns. The first film was a huge success making $291 million domestically and almost $500 million internationally. Then came Prince Caspian, the film was epic in scale but dropped considerably in profits, only making $141 million domestically and $278 million world wide. So the third film got a green light but the budget was cut. The trailers for the film were weak and somewhat confusing and the film didn’t exactly wow anyone domestically with $104 million, but grew internationally and made $300 million.

Now a fourth Narnia film has been given the green light. Not surprising as Hollywood only seems interested in sequels and remakes these days. The surprising move is that they don’t plan on making the fourth book in the series. Everyone was expecting to see “The Silver Chair” instead they are skipping ahead to the sixth book in the series. “The Magician’s Nephew” the book is basically a prequel to the other stories. So I guess it’s fine they make it before “The Silver Chair” since it starts before the Lion the With and the Wardrobe. The story follows two young people who use magical rings and pools in the woods to travel to other worlds. It has heavy religious under tones following the book of Genesis. Still it’s kind of nice to see the studios pushing to make this series work. Too many times possible series are killed off due to not making truck loads of cash.