What many saw to be a weak weekend in Hollywood turned out to be pretty good. With money kind of being spread out across a variety of films. I frankly am rather surprised in seeing Limitless take the top spot. The film has been advertised but not heavily and I thought the concept was a little “out there” for major audiences. Still the film managed a very solid $19 million bucks. Rango is holding on strong in the second spot and has almost $100 million banked. Battle: Los Angeles lost over 50% of it’s audience from last week but still held on to the third spot with almost $15 million. Then the two new films that I still need to go and see landed in the fourth and fifth spots. Both Paul and The Lincoln Lawyer have received high grades from critics and both could ride on good word of mouth with a lacking amount of new films coming out. It’s also something to note that studios are reporting that for some reason this weekend a large amount of “adults” went to the movies. All three new films had a majority of people older than 25 in the theaters. Maybe this will show Hollywood they don’t always have to make “teen” films.

Other things to note is that The King’s Speech finally left to top ten after being there for over seventeen weeks. The film not only is a Oscar winner but a huge hit with over $130 million banked. Mars Needs Moms on the other hands is one of the biggest bombs in a while with only $15 million made so far and it landing in 8th spot. I blame the creepy looking graphics. I kind of wish these type of animated films would go away the graphics is cool I guess the human characters look creepy and they keep using it in kids films because it worked once. The Polar Express made truck loads because of what it was. The movie was very old school in what it preached and was in a sense a very straight forward x-mas movie. So even though the graphics were freaky families kept going to see it. When the film first opened it looked like it was going to be a bomb. I don’t think people like the creepy graphics but maybe it’s just me.

1. Limitless $19 million

2. Rango $15.3 million

3. Battle: Los Angeles $14.6 million

4. The Lincoln Lawyer $13.4 million

5. Paul $13.2 million

6. Red Riding Hood $7.3 million

7. The Adjustment Bureau $5.9 million

8. Mars Needs Moms $5.3 million

9. Beastly $3.3 million

10. Hall Pass $2.6 million