Matt Damon can really do anything and his overall charm makes seeing this movie worth it alone, it’s just a bonus that this film is an amazing romance and sci-fi story as well. Damon plays David Norris, a young politician who after suffering a crushing defeat, meets a woman in a bathroom, Elise who is played by Emily Blunt. They hit it off and he instantly falls in love with her. Problem is he was never suppose to fall in love with Elise. A group of men wearing fedora’s have abilities to change our lives since our destinies and lives have been designed for us. Norris finds out about this world wide group who do everything they can to keep everyone track by “adjusting” things. They reason with him to forget Elise, but he decides to take his life and destiny into his own hands, and with a little help fights for the love he has.

This film might not seem unique, the concept of fighting for your destiny or future has happened multiple times. The difference here is the Adjustment Bureau are not exactly bad guys. There is never a moment in this film where Norris thinks to use violence to fight back at these people. No this film is a little better than to go the “I’ll fight them” route. The film is just very well balanced between the lives of our leads and the Bureau members. We get glimpses into the world of the Bureau and it’s just very cool. They use doors that can take them anywhere in the city. They can change things with a point of their finger.

What sends this movie over the edge of greatness is Damon and Blunt. Both have such amazing chemistry that the love story felt so real, it was so convincing I’ll make the claim it’s one of the best romances I’ve seen in a long time. I also enjoyed that Blunt was allowed to hang on to her English accent, which makes her seem like a unique match for Damon’s character, with both of them feeling as if they come from very different back grounds. The only thing that keeps bringing them together is their innate chemistry.

A great casting move was bringing in Anthony Mackie(The Hurt Locker) who plays a member of the Bureau, his character has been following Damon’s for all his life. So he feels sympathy for Damon’s plight, and is willing to help him, unlike the other members of the Bureau who are willing to hurt people to make sure the plan goes the way they want it.

The film for some reason was constantly being pushed back, I can see why the studio would be afraid that the overall plot might be a little too much science fiction. Still this movie has so much going on it would be a real shame to miss it.

Rating: 8.5/10