I’ll start with how I am not happy with Hollywood, they seem to just want to remake every movie possible due to fear of making original content. So when I heard months ago that Red Dawn was going to remake I almost laughed out loud. First the Soviet Union no longer exists. Second Communism is no longer a threat to US national security. So with the title staying the same it was clear the villains would be the Chinese. I already kind of blew this off because the idea of China invading the United States is laughable. I’m sure people living in the woods believes this could happen but in reality it never will. The United States and China are too connected economically to ever fight each other.

Still the movie got the green light, but problem is China is now one of Hollywood’s major foreign markets. The studio had deep fears that China would ban the film and possible drop sponsorship with companies connected to the country. So as a quick change the studio is replacing every Chinese flag and dialogue with Korean. Now this movie is becoming a joke. It is impossible for North Korea to invade the United States. It makes no sense at all. The studio even released a response about the change playing to lowest common denominator by talking about the movie not being for everyone. The letter ended with something about “kicking commie ass”. Are you for real? This is one of the biggest mess ups in Hollywood history. The concept of America being invaded only works when it involved aliens or if the film is set in 1812 when the British invaded. Otherwise this is the dumbest thing ever… North Korea… What a joke.