The first Wolverine movie was horrible. It straight up ruined a possible brilliant franchise. It spat on the comics and basically neutered the character of Wolverine. The character I know was a monster, brutal and unflinching. The film opens with Wolverine frankly being a pussy. They screwed up how he got his claws and then made jokes. They screwed up pretty much everything. So I gave up with the character. Then Aronofsky was signed on to make the second film and all my hope flew back into me. His vision is great, The Wrestler was a beautiful film and he had an Oscar contender in Black Swan this year. He mentioned the story would follow the comics and have Wolverine go to Japan. This was perfect, now suddenly he has left the project. He claims it was simply due to his hectic schedule, but I believer he was pushed out. Aronofsky clearly wanted an R rating for the film. I’m sure Fox was annoyed by this as it sees this franchise as a pg-13 teenfest, even though it shouldn’t be. Now I have a fear that Fox will pick up someone who will follow orders and make a travesty like the first film. The film should be rather simple and have Wolverine in Japan fighting ninja’s. Fox for once don’t mess this up for us please. Pick up someone with talent and dark eye. Please we the comic book fans are begging you!