Battle: Los Angeles didn’t exactly have a battle to the top spot, it was more like a skirmish since Battle just dominated. The film made an impressive 36 million dollars and obviously gained the attention from the masses. Last weeks winner fell to second place but made some solid numbers, Rango rounded up another 23 million which has it at a total of almost seventy million. Red Riding Hood surprisingly made a decent amount, this surprises me since the movie did look horrible from the trailers. Now the film might be great but I was surprised to see it at third place. Adjustment Bureau held on strong even with a dip in audience and held on to the fourth spot. Another big surprise the animated film Mars Needs Moms opened with around seven million bucks which is a huge let down since most animated films do decently well. I believe Rango hurt this film badly also the weird looking graphics. The people and aliens look like something out of nightmares instead of something you could connect with or care about. The only other thing to note is that The King’s Speech is still riding high after it’s big time Oscar win.

1. Battle: Los Angeles $36 million

2. Rango $23.1 million

3. Red Riding Hood $14.1 million

4. The Adjustment Bureau $11.5 million

5. Mar Needs Moms 46.8 million

6. Hall Pass $5.1 million

7. Beastly $5 million

8. Just Go With It $4 million

9. The King’s Speech $3.6 million

10. Gnomeo & Juliet $3.5 million