If you haven’t heard of this movie you might be better off. The film made the festival circuit last year and quickly got noticed. The movie is about an aging porn star who signs on to be in an art film, turns out though he is made to make a disturbing snuff film. The film has now become a large topic for debate about film and how far it should go. It’s been banned in multiple countries including Australia, many other countries has released a heavily edited version of the film. The scenes that have freaked people out include children in the making of a snuff film.

I myself don’t exactly know where I stand on this. I’ve been told this movie is disturbing but I can usually pull myself out of a movie. Also children being used in movies like that happens in the real world. To simply close our eyes and act like that stuff doesn’t happen I find a little stupid. In this country especially people like to talk as if this country somehow is just and that bad things don’t happen and if they do it’s very isolated. Still I don’t exactly know if I’m down for a movie using such obviously disturbing tactics to get responses from the audience. Many defenders of the film say that the movie is really about the horrible atrocities that happened during the Kosovo war. Still there are ways to show these themes through not so obviously horrible scenes. So I probably will not be seeing and reviewing that movie here. I’m amazed it has a release date in this country with a huge trend of conservative ideals washing over a lot of the nation. Mind you must of that is just talk, the values they push are face value while behind the scenes they do not so virtuous things. But many films have been banned for less, some Southern states didn’t want Harry Potter films to be released due the fact they have magic in them. Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which was far from a porn film was banned just because the topic of sex was in the film. So America does a lot of fake preaching of values so I am surprised this film is getting released, possibly it’s because no one outside of film circles has really heard about the movie, but they will sooner or later.