I remember when Daredevil came into theaters, I dug it actually but felt like the movie had serious pacing issues. It also had one of the most silly scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie, the part where Matt Murdock fought/hit on Elektra in a park with kids cheering them on. So horrible. Then the directors cut came out on DVD and was just a very complete movie even with the silly park fight. The directors cut is way better and if you haven’t checked it out you should. Anyway that movie came out during a time period where Ben Affleck was pretty much on everyones hate list so the movie got thrown under the bus. A sequel was never green lit. Frankly Daredevil is hard to do in a big movie form. It needs to be smaller and gritty that’s really the only way it can be done and stand out.

Well Xavier Gens who directed Hitman wants a crack at the reboot. He claims he would make a gritty version of the film that would take it down a notch unlike the original. He also claims he’d want Sam Worthington to play Murdock. That’s actually a hell of a good idea frankly. My problem with Xavier directing is that he basically ruined Hitman. The game was a lot of fun and the film should have been dark and gritty. Instead the film was a bland action film from start to finish. It just like Daredevil contained a over stylized and silly fight scene. Hitman faces off against four or five dudes trained just like him(bald heads too). At first they have guns trained on each other. Now the bad guys are all after Hitman, yet for no reason explained the bad guys point guns at each other along with the man they are trying to kill. Then again for no reason they all drop their guns and pull out not only one, but two machete’s. Then Hitman fights all the men and beat them. It was stupid. So I don’t really believe Xavier when he says he wants to make a gritty and dark Daredevil, but hey I’d go see it and hopefully he’d surprise me.