Now that things are speeding up towards the filming of Nolan’s third Batman film the rumors keep flying. A huge rumor is that the lead villain actually won’t be Bane or Catwoman, but it would be Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ras Al Ghul who Neeson played in Batman Begins. It would make sense for the League of Shadows would return for Nolan’s last Batman film, it would wrap his story up nicely. So of course many fans were wondering if Neeson would return as Ras for a final show down with Bats. On many chat boards nerds have debated if Ras died in Batman Begins. Sure we watched as the train he was on fall off the tracks and crash into the ground, but many say you can see him leap from the train before it crashes. Also the character in the comic cheated death a number of times so many thought he would return. Well Neeson in an interview claimed he has not been approached to return, doesn’t mean he won’t, but I doubt Nolan would break his trend of keeping things somewhat based in the real world. Ras’s return would only happen if another man came up claiming to be him, since in Begins Ras claims many have taken the name to be leader of the Shadows.