Rango(Voiced by Johnny Depp) is a pet chameleon that’s tank falls out the back of a car and he finds himself on a desert road. From there he runs into dozens of interesting characters and finds himself in a small desert town called Dirt. The town resembles every old Western town you can think of, trying to win over friends Rango makes up gun fight stories and finds himself in the position as local Sheriff. Stumbling his way through the job he tries to win over another lizard named Beans(Isla Fisher) and also solve a water crises in the town. A corrupt mayor, who is a turtle, hires a gun slinging rattle snake(Bill Nighy) to take Rango down.

The story might sound very basic, that is kind of the point, this film is a western, just with a visual style of something you’ve never seen. Every critter Rango comes across is unique and visually astounding. The film should really be seen twice just for the visuals. The thing that stands out to me the most is the film is the action set pieces are unique and over the top. I found myself jumping in my seat over and over which rarely happens. The movie has a very good blend of comedy which frankly is aimed for adults. Parents don’t be worried, the films pacing at the beginning is a little slow but over all this film is very much kid friendly. The great thing is that along with being friendly to kids this movie is very much an adult film really. The film really wants to be a story about finding the hero inside yourself, standing up for what is right, and on top of that being a darn good western. Depp’s Rango is charming and so likable from the beginning of the film to the very last second.

Gore Verbinski is really showing his talent, sure the sequels for Pirates of the Carribean were a mess but still visually fun and at least not stale. Here his blend of odd visuals, subtle comedy and just general talent comes through 100%. Not sure how this film will be received but I hope kids and general audiences really accept and enjoy this film. I really have no complaints which I know is boring, I guess the only thing I can think of is the third act felt long, not much you could change though. I thought Rango was fun and original and would love to see his story go on, at the same time I’m happy just having this film stand alone.

Rating: 8.5/10