Ryan Reynolds is becoming a big name in Hollywood, he’s a leading man who this summer will be flying around space as Green Lantern. I’m pumped for that movie it looks like it is doing things right. Many have might pushed this back into their memory but Reynolds played a super character named Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now that movie was horrible on so many levels and Reynolds was frankly one of the best things in the movie. Problem is how they depicted Deadpool was horrible and way off so coming back from that will be hard. The movie would have to be gritty and violent and not some pg-13 teen fest. So if Reynolds really wants this to be done he needs to step away from his from his “sexiest man alive” title. I know that’s why he was brought on to play Green Lantern, ladies needed a reason to see that movie so they brought him on. That’s fine because he’d work for Green Lantern but Deadpool can’t be a movie focus on abs and cute lingo, it will have be brutal and for real comic book movie violence. So man up Reynolds, get it made but have some grit.