For years now people have been wondering when the 3D Star Wars experience would begin. Well mark your calendars for February 10, 2012 because that’s when Phantom Menace will be released in theaters in 3D. It’s smart to start with the prequels and releasing them individually over time. My only problem is when they get to the original trilogy how will things look? A New Hope came out in 1977 and how exactly will the 3D converted look work for old movies. Hell converted new movies look horrible like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland. Now I’m sure Lucas weighed these options and they have figured something out. They have time of course since it is unclear when Attack of the Clones will be released. Of course as a Star Wars nerd I will be in line for the first showing of this because unlike others The Phantom Menace isn’t despised, if anything the movie has some of the best Star Wars moments in it.