Zack Synder’s upcoming Superman picture is coming together with major pieces of the cast. Diane Lane will play Martha Kent. She’s great so of course this choice makes sense, it’s just hard for me to see her as Martha Kent after a movie like Unfaithful. Adding Lane makes it seem that the family will have a much larger part in the film than at least Superman Returns. So I wonder what the plot of the film will resolve around. Rumors are popping up everywhere that Kevin Costner will play Jonathan Kent which leads me to believe this film will go into Superman’s origins. This is a problem for me. It worked for Batman in Batman Begins for one sole reason, Tim Burton’s Batman film from the 90’s barely focused on Bruce Wayne’s past. So Begins did and it worked because audiences really haven’t seen that on the big screen. With Spider-man and now Superman most people know the origin stories for both characters. Rebooting them and showing us the origins again is simply boring. Hopefully Snyder will gloss over the origin unless he has a direct connection in the story with it. Especially is rumors are true about Viggo Mortensen is going to play General Zod, if this is true they might possibly show what Zod did on Krypton before its destruction. So this will be interesting to see where this movie is going.