So the Hangover 2 has wrapped filming but director Todd Phillips wants Charlie Sheen to shoot a last second cameo. Now who knows if this is even possible since Sheen is kind of on a crazy train roll. He wants three million an episode for Two and a Half Men so maybe he’ll want some crazy money for Hangover. If they were smart they would simply start filming Hangover 3 and cast Sheen as one of the main characters.

The sequel has been struggling with it’s cameo’s ever since they tried to get Mel Gibson to play a tatoo artist. That would have been funny, due to some members of the cast not wanting to work with Gibson(Lame) they decided to replace him with Liam Neeson. Now Neeson is a great actor, but the problem is he’s pretty sane and clean. In the first film they had Mike Tyson who obviously has had issues because just look at the tatoo on his face. So grabbing Sheen for a cameo would be a great idea but not for some last second thing. He should have been a major part of the film. Problem is by May will Sheen still be relevant? Will has cameo make people die laughing or just get a couple chuckles from people who still remember Sheen being crazy recently. Either way I’m pumped for the movie, didn’t find the first film as revolutionary as others but did find it pretty funny and I’m looking forward see what they can do with the next one.