Last night was an Academy Awards that had a lot of good moments and a lot of, well weird moments. To me the right movies won, some great people won. Yet there were moments last night that made the Oscars look like a poor man’s Golden Globes. They tried to make them “fun” and “younger” but all of this lead it to be messy. The voters also I believe ruined the party the Oscars was planning on. This “younger” vibe they pushed I think was backed on the belief The Social Network would end up winning everything. Instead The King’s Speech basically stole the show and rocked the boat by winning not only a lot of awards but the big one’s including: Screen play, Director, Best Actor, Best Picture.

The biggest surprise was the hosts being as bad as they were. Well let me slow down, Anne Hathaway brought her charm and smile. James Franco frankly looked high the entire time, he also looked like he didn’t want to be there. So the entire show felt off balanced. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Oscars learned from this and bring back an older comedian. Besides that the show actually flowed quickly and went beat for beat. The montages worked very well but the main surprise I guess was the lack of surprise. The Oscars did it to themselves though by nominating people who won last year(Jeff Bridges, Coen Brothers). If Nolan and Inception had been in more nominations I think the race would have been tighter. Don’t talk to me about The Social Network losing that film is great and it won the awards it should have: Screenplay and Editing. Sadly the only thing people will really remember will be Melisso Leo tossing class out the window and cursing during the show, which doesn’t matter because ever since the 2004 Super Bowl everything is on tape delay. Still the Oscars probably enjoyed that because the show wanted to be “edgy” to get ratings. Still the show was different but yet the same somehow. So this will fade from memory soon and next year they will change it up because I’m sure this will look like a failure in the eyes of Hollywood.

So if I had to grade the show I would give it a…. B-…. Could have been a lot better. But serious congrats to The King’s Speech the right movie won the right awards.