The Oscars is always highly rated and watched but for some reason this year has a lot of buzz about it. Many speculate the Oscars move to having ten Best Picture nominees is a part of this, I disagree actually I believe that has very little to do with it. This year I believe movie audiences simply grew up. Fantastic films like True Grit, The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Fighter and others are all huge hits. Other films like Social Network, 127 Hours and Winters Bone might not have been huge hits but were talked about a lot in different media outlets. On top of that two summer hits have multiple nominations like Inception and Toy Story 3. Just like in sports if more people have horses in the race then more people care who wins. I hope this year proves to Hollywood that good and smart movies actually are better than cookie cutter nonsense that usually clutters each month in theaters. Return to this blog after the Oscars for my thoughts on who got snubbed and who won. Also Chris Nolan should have been nominated straight up.