Rumors are flying around daily about Superman about casting to story line. Luis Lane rumors are rampant but then a report that Lane wouldn’t be in the movie that much. Speculation is that the film starts with Clark Kent searching for who he is, basically following him as a reporter as he decides to be Superman. Now sure that area has not been explored in the films very much. The show Smallville is all about Clark between his home town and becoming Superman. Now online nerds are furious about this because they want Superman smashing things up with a big time villain, don’t get me wrong I really want this too. Anyway casting rumors are all over the place and now it looks like they have landed Kevin Costner who most likely will play either Clark’s father or possibly Lex Luthor but I’d like to see Perry White. Now I think he’s a perfect Perry White. Still Luthor is possible since they’ll most likely have Luthor being an evil bystander over seeing things as Supes battles a super powered baddie. I love Costner and having him in this movie in whatever role is a good thing.