This is actually sad news to me. Pixar has made some of the best films in the last couple of years, films like The Increadibles, Finding Nemo, Wall E, Up, and Toy Story 3. To me the film Cars is one of their weakest films to date. The over all theme was pretty great because it talked about how people should water down their ego’s. Still the movie played to the what I call “stupid kid factor” too much. So much of the movie was focused on silly stuff. Now the sequel is coming out this summer and the film looks like a spoof on James Bond movies, that’s fine, the idea has been done numerous times before so the idea of the movie is kind of a let down. Pixar always made the claim that Toy Story would be one of their only franchises. I loved that they focused on single story films. Still Cars was designed to have sequels with its weak plot. The news of a possible spin off called Planes depresses me because spin offs can just be eye rolling and horrible(X-Men Origins: Wolverine). The plot would focus on a crop duster that joins European air force shows. I get it and I’m sure the visuals will look amazing but seriously I hope they are making movies like this to push more original content down the road. Like how Christopher Nolan made Dark Knight and then got free reign to make Inception. So I hope Pixar has some cards up their sleeves.