This reboot has to still win me over. I’m not excited by a lot of the rumors and the new suit just looks off. Still I like Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey so will see. The news has been released that Marc Webb’s Spider-man will be called The Amazing Spider-man. I don’t see how it could have been titled anything different. Plain old Spider-man would have been too confusing to non-nerd audiences. You can’t call it Spider-man 4 since it is a reboot and I believe will go over a lot of plot lines that the original three films went over. Also it’s funny that it’s being called that since the studio and Sam Raimi almost called Spider-man 2 “The Amazing Spider-man”.

I’m not thrilled about this reboot. I liked Raimi’s films. Spider-man 3 was a mess but not really Raimi’s fault as the studio pushed Venom into the script last minute. Raimi wanted Sandman and Vulture to test Spider-man. The addition of the black suit mixed with Harry’s down fall and Sandman was too much. Then instead of setting up another movie they tossed Venom in at the end to get some more cash. Then they kick Raimi off the Spider-man 4 and plan to reboot the entire thing. So now we are going to get a story that is not even a decade old. People still remember the first film well. How are they going to tell the same story over again without boring everyone to tears? It will be interesting to see how this will come together. Right now I’m not thrilled.