When I first saw ID4, I was young but not a little kid. I remember one part of the film that scared the crap out of me. That scene was when the doctors operated on the what they thought was a knocked out alien, that woke up and started killing everyone around it. Then using the last remaining doctor as a puppet it speaks to the President of the United States(Played by Bill Pullman) and told them “No peace”. That scene kicks ass. Frankly no alien invasion movie has been able to beat that film. In 1996 the film became a classic blockbuster and launched Rolan Emmerich into a top director. Since then the man ruined Godzilla and made a lot of disaster films(The Day After Tomorrow, 2012). He also made the kick ass movie The Patriot where Mel Gibson beat on some Red Coats.

Since 1996 rumors of a sequel have popped up over and over. The question really would be what would the film actually be about. Rumors of Will Smith being the President and Earth rebuilding as a second invasion force arrives. Problem about that is if the first wave included ships that could destroy entire cities, wouldn’t the second wave be even worse? Many claimed the movie would focus more on a ground invasion. Problem is with the film Battlefield: Los Angeles an alien ground war film will look a little been there done that.  So Emmerich now claims the movie is stalled and isn’t going anywhere. Well it’s been over a decade so things don’t look good. Time might be on their side though. With the cast getting older the film could actually be set far into the future where humans are prepared for the second wave. Also maybe the aliens will attack with small forces or “light footsteps” as some might call it. That might work… Who knows but as for now ID4 fans we all have to wait and see.