Not a real strong weekend for good movies but the money spending audiences helped the box office survive last weeks horrible numbers. Adam Sandler’s horrible new flick Just Go With It looks like it has won the weekend but only by a couple of bucks(Thousands). The Canadian super star Justin Bieber’s 3D concert film landed in a very close second. I’m glad this movie didn’t make like 100 million dollars on the first weekend. I just don’t get his appeal, can’t really sing, doesn’t act, he just has funny hair. I don’t get it. The film The Eagle managed some decent numbers too going up against a Sandler comedy and Bieber, landing in fourth place. Gnomeo $ Juliet(WHAT?!?!) landed in third with about $25 million which makes it the biggest opening for an animated film in February(WHAT?!?!?). The rest is pretty basic, I think it’s cool that The King’s Speech and True Grit are sticking around in the top ten. Last week’s number one film The Roommate dropped like a rock to fifth which was expected.

1. Just Go With It  $31 million

2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $30.4 million

3. Gnomeo & Juliet $25.5 million

4. The Eagle $8.7 million

5. The Roommate $8.4 million

6. The King’s Speech $7.4 million

7. No Strings Attached $5.6 million

8. Sanctum $5.1 million

9. True Grit $3.8 million

10. The Mechanic $2.9 million