Nolan has made statements that after The Dark Knight Rises he plans to make a Howard Hughes biopic. He originally wanted to make one years ago until Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator came out. Then he moves on but since it’s been a little while since that movie came out he’s jumping back on to the project. This news makes me shrug because after the next Batman film I was hoping he’d stick with science fiction, or for some reason I really wanted him to do a noir cop film. Another Howard Hughes movie would feel very been there, done that. Even though Nolan claims his film would be based on a book that focused on Hughes later years in life when his paranoia and odd actions were at there prime. The Aviator focused on Hughes’s early years in film making and life in general and only lightly focused on the days where he would sit in a room and pee into jars. Still kind of a let down to know Nolan’s focus will only be on another Hughes movie.