Let me get this off my chest, I dug the first film, it was silly and corny and I dug it. Transformers does the same thing but mixed in too much pop culture and racism to make them very enjoyable. Now the sequel is coming down the road but will have a new director behind it. Now the finalists are a very weird mix of guys. First we got Jaume Collet Serra whose current film is getting a lot of praise with Liam Neeson in Unknown. Now that movie looks like a solid action flick so why not get a serious over the top action film. The next name is F Gary Gray, his last film being Law Abiding Citizen which I thought was really cool and ballsy. Then the third name is kind of out left field, John Chu who I don’t know much about. I’d say either of the first guys would be fine but in the end they need to find someone who can do over the top. The script is finished and written by the guys who did Zombieland so I’m sure the movie will at least be solid. Will see how this ends up.