So not a lot of people went to the movies, this is generally the case on weekends with big sporting events especially the Super Bowl. So it’s not a surprise that this was one of the worst weekends at the box office in 15 years. This weekends number one film isn’t much of a surprise since it’s advertising was all over the place. The watered down horror film The Roommate took the top spot and beat out the newest 3D adventure film called Sanctum. Now neither film was a hit with reviewers but it is a surprise that Sanctum which used James Cameron’s name as if he directed the film(some people believe he did direct it and they are wrong). Everything else isn’t very surprising as most of the Academy Award nominated movies are adding to their tallies. Last weeks number one film The Rite dropped epically to the sixth spot with The Mechanic dropping one slot below that. So those films will be out of the top ten before we know it. Next week will see a serious battle for the top spot with several new films competing. Adam Sandler’s new flick Just Go With It comes out and tries to prove he still has power in the business. The action film The Eagle comes out which I think looks somewhat interesting. Then the 3D concert film Never Say Never opens… If you don’t know what that is, it’s Justin Bieber’s film showing his rise to power. The guy has been everywhere promoting the film including his classless acts at the Golden Globes. Still the movie will most likely do huge numbers, but I thought the same thing about The Jonas Brothers movie which bombed so will see.

1. The Roommate $15.6 Million

2. Sanctum $9.2 Million

3. No Strings Attached $8.4 Million

4. The King’s Speech $8.3 Million

5. The Green Hornet $6.1 Million

6. The Rite $5.6 Million

7. The Machanic $5.4 Million

8. True Grit $4.8 Million

9. The Dilemma $3.4 Million

10. Black Swan $3.4 Million