Who is Alex Cross? He is a fictional detective from James Petterson novels. Morgan Freeman played Cross in 1997’s well received Kiss the Girls which has that great scene where Freeman shoots a guy through a milk carton to avoid setting gas on fire. Freeman returned to the character in 2001 in Along Came a Spider, that film was hit pretty hard by critics and so the box office was not as impressive as Kiss the Girls. Still Spider did have Monica Potter being a bad ass which was fun to watch.

The new film will be called “I, Alex Cross” and will now star Tyler Perry and could possibly lead to a mutli-movie franchise. I’m sure it will since Perry has an automated fan base that will check his movies out. If made at a certain price these films could generate a lot of cash. I’m glad to see Cross return to the big screen, a lot of solid detective characters out there that are not being used for movies.