I’ve always enjoyed these movies for what they are, which is stupid violence that becomes basically comedy. The first film was actually trying to do something with it’s story and characters, the film was cool and has some very memorable moments. The sequels just used the formula but amped up the violence and just craziness. The fourth film was a total let down and not even close to a classic like the second one was. Still it did well enough to green light a fifth film. I hope they advance the story a bit and explain why this now group of four people can see deaths plan before it happens. I mean if I were death I would be pissed that this many annoying teens keep seeing my plan before it happens. I would also like to see a character try and actually defeat deaths plan instead of just avoiding it. I doubt this will happen though since the films have a built in formula that’s hard to break. The movies aren’t about the story they are about the over the top deaths so will see. Rumor is though that if the fifth film does well this summer the studio will make two more sequels, back to back and then end the series. First I say yeah right the series will end when one of these movies just plain bombs.