The Killer is one of the most hard core bad ass movies I’ve ever seen. John Woo used to make intense action films that dominated one’s eye balls. Sadly though he kind of took a step back once he came over to America and made watered down type films. Still his stuff is pretty good and his Chinese epic Red Cliff had some epic battles, so maybe he is gaining back some credit. Anyway The Killer and Hard Boiled are two of the biggest and most intense action films ever made. Back in the 90’s American movies studios were interested in making a remake and nothing happened. Now it seem John Woo is pushing for an American remake of his action classic and wants to look over it personally. This is amazing news, the original is fine but a new twist on it would be interesting to see. The original followed a professional killer who after ending up blinding a woman in a shoot out decides to change his ways. He doesn’t really and teams up with a cop as the kill off an entire gang. I’m sure the American film will be somewhat different but I find this very interesting and I look forward to seeing how the project turns out.