With Henry Cavill locked in as Super Man the rest of the domino’s are starting to fall. Casting for Lois Lane as now being rumored. Lois Lane might be the best female character in the comics, she is very iconic, mainly because she as a character is not a damsel in distress. Kate Bosworth played Lois in Superman Returns and her performance was alright but she just looked all wrong. So getting her right is almost bigger than get Super Man right. It looks like the list has been slimmed down to five names:

1. Jessica Biel, said to be one of the leading contender for the role. The woman does know how to handle action with roles in A-Team and Blade Trinity. My only problem is she almost seems too bad ass to be Lois. Now this could work if the screen play asks for it. Just like Bosworth though I’m sure Biel would give a great performance but would just look all wrong for the part. Don’t get me wrong if she gets it I won’t be fuming.

2. Dianna Agron, first off this girls name is intense. If you don’t know her she is the head cheer leader on Glee. She has a major role in the film I am Number Four coming out this month. I guess her name is being tossed around for a number of projects. I think she’s talented and does a fine job on Glee. My only problem is she seems just too young for the role of Lois Lane. Also I just can’t see her doing it. Picture her as Luis with dark hair, it just don’t work.

3. Malin Akerman, now I don’t know what to think about her. Her energy could actually work for the character but I really believe her name is here because she’s worked with Zack Snyder before on Watchmen. The only problem is she is older than Cavill and the age difference might be too obvious.

4. Kristen Stewart, NO! I get why she is in this list… The producers want teen females to go see Super Man. Since they couldn’t get either dudes from Twilight in the film they want her. She is anti-Lois Lane. Her emo quiet performances would not work for Lois Lane. I get what they are thinking here but besides Stewart just being way too young for the part.

5. Rachel McAdams, yes, I’m sure she already has the part. This woman is one of the best actresses around and would just be perfect for the role. Christopher Nolan has always liked her and rumor is she was second behind Anne Hathaway for the Selina Kyle role in the The Dark Knight Rises. Could be greta for us because this leaves her open to play Lois Lane which would be amazing for all of us.